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Chef Jimmy GherardiCulinary Editor - Chef Jimmy Gherardi
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Jimmy Gherardi is the chef in residence at The Seven Hills Schools in Cincinnati, OH where he has developed a revolutionary School Foodservice Program. The program has just been honored by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine by being named one of the top four in the United States, and has received The Golden Carrot Award.

Chef Jimmy was with The Food Network Live Tour as Procter and Gamble's Media and Research Chef, has hosted the PBS syndicated James Beard Foundation Award winning radio show "Everybody's Cooking" and is a sought after consultant for Wellness Foodservice in schools and institutions.

He has received the American Culinary Federation Presidential Medal to Chef, has also been named a Fellow Of The World Master Chefs Society and is a Certified Master Chef.

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Marisa D'VariWine and Spirits Editor - Marisa D'Vari
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Marisa DíVari is a wine writer and educator certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers, Sommelier Society of America, Wine & Spirits Educational Trust and Society of Wine Educators. Her work has been published in magazines and international newspapers including Londonís Financial Times, Robb Report, and Quarterly Review of Wines and is the author of five books. †

Please visit http://www.AWineStory.com to read fun, edifying articles and reviews about your favorite grape, and to receive her complimentary monthly newsletter.

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Shari PrestonFashion Editor - Shari Preston
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Shari Preston is a former boutique owner and buyer. An avid fashion follower, she attends fashion week in both Chicago and New York, including visits to showrooms and attending the runway shows. A former model and a native New Yorker, she currently resides in Glendale with her husband and four children.
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Janet AchCharitable Taste - Janet Ach
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Janet Ach is a volunteer, former Chairperson and fundraiser for many of Greater Cincinnati's charitable organizations. Janet has raised her family of four in East Walnut Hills and currently resides in her home there with her husband, Roger. Janet is the Editor and Publisher of Greater Cincinnati's Master Calendar, the City's comprehensive calendar of all charitable events and fine arts events in the region.
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Nat ComisarMenus From Maisonette - Nat Comisar
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Nat Comisar is a graduate Cincinnati Country Day and Cornell University. He was on the management staff of restaurants in New York, Chicago and Orange California before he re-entered the family owned Maisonette Group of Restaurants in 1985. After Maisonette closed in July 2005 he embarked on a career in real-estate. If you are interested in receiving other Maisonette recipes on a monthly basis, go to natcomisar.com and sign up for his "Recipe for Success!"
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Jean SheaTasteful Additions - Jean Shea
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Jeanne Shae, is a former Food Editor, columnist and syndicated columnist. Now retired, she enjoys sharing some of her favorite tips and recipes with the readers of Taste.
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